Friday, February 22, 2008

Nano Grippers

Nanointegration is the technique of interfacing nanotubes and nanowires to microcircuitry, and developing methods for studying nanostructures so they can be used as micro-gadgets.

The Nanointegration Group at thr Technical Univesity of Denmark is focused on building tools for manipulation and characterization of nanostructures.
They focus in areas such as micro four point probes for electrical characterization of nanostructures, TEM chips for insitu structural characterization, non-sticky surfaces for handling of liquid-dispersed nanostructures or automated grippers and soldering for manipulation of nanostructures.

Their latest experiments deal with the optimiziation of the topology of Electrothermal Polysilicon Microgrippers for nanomanipulation. They are part of ongoing efforts to design and optimize handling tools with sufficient gripping force to release nanostructures that are firmly fixed to a surface - such as vertically aligned carbon nanotubes - and handling the nanostructures in automated processes.

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